To know the main cause of kidney damage

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To know the main cause of kidney damage, various blood tests, urine test and at times renal biopsy are done.

Classify of Chronic kidney disease on the basis of the severity is done in five stages, here 1st stage is the mildest with few symptoms and 5th stage is severe illness with low life expectancy if not treated properly.

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Stage 1: Normal GFR > 90 mL/min/1.73 m2 + persistent albuminuria or known structural renal disease or hereditary of renal disease

Stage 2: GFR 60 to 89 mL per min per 1.73 m2

Stage 3: GFR 30 to 59 mL per min per 1.73 m2

Stage 4: GFR 15 to 29 mL per min per 1.73 m2

Stage 5: GFR < 15 mL per min per 1.73 m2

Severe CKD requires dialysis or a kidney transplant.

General Management for Chronic kidney disease

• Restriction of fluid depending on urinary output.
• To maintain optimal electrolyte balance.
• Blood pressure must be controlled.
• Anaemia correction.
• If general and medical management fails, dialysis & kidney transplantation.
• Protein must be restricted to 0.5gm/kg body weight.

As per our research at Aura Homeopathy clinic and research centre-India, one of the most important causes of renal failure is dehydration. Diuretics  may cause dehydration if a person does not take proper liquid intake (same happen in case of many CKD patients) so, these patients can never improve the kidney functions.


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